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Access Control

         Contactless entry and access technology

       The pandemic has changed our relationship with touch. As a result, contactless access is becoming increasingly popular in high-traffic public and commercial spaces, for both safety and convenience. Many of the contactless access control solutions we see leading the trend combine the existing safety and security of a legacy system with contactless entry to eliminate the need for physical contact or credentials at the door. 

    Looking at contactless access control technology trends, the following areas will see increased adoption: 

  • Improved physical signal configuration and motion detection technology. Reduces the chance of accidental unlocking of access control by requiring users to complete a specific action at a certain distance, such as waving in front of the reader. 

  • Improved mobile experiences. Instead of distributing key cards and key fobs to each user, companies are increasingly turning to solutions that offer mobile credentials. These leverage smartphone apps and proximity technology to allow users to unlock nearby doors with their phones.  Mobile technology will continue to become more reliable and offer more features to both end users and users. 

  • Biometric technology for access control.  Biometric access truly defines the future of access control. Biometric technology relies on an individual's unique identity, including facial features, fingerprints, or other physical identification factors, to verify the person's identity. Mobile systems can also leverage the morphological biometrics we use to unlock our smartphones (FaceID, fingerprints, etc.) as an additional layer of security.

       Upgrading to a contactless system may require a large upfront investment to implement initial changes to legacy control systems, but can provide incredible benefits for future-proofing building security. Once this investment is made, it becomes an extremely cost-effective, user-friendly and secure way to support the latest access control trends. 



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